Prepared by: Harvey Duff. 2007.††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††REGULATIONS.†††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††Adopted by the AJC Trustees 2009








A.       The Australian Jazz Convention Original Tunes Competition Regulations MUST be adhered to by the Organising Committee, Competition Convenor, Competition Judges, Competition Competitors and Competition Participants.


B.       The Australian Jazz Convention Original Tunes Competition Guidelines are to be used by the Organising Committee, Competition Convenor and respected by the Competition Judges, Competition Competitors and Competition Participants.




1.        One Original Composition per Composer.

2.        The Composer of the Original Tune Competition Entry MUST be a registered Musician and/or Delegate of the Australian Jazz Convention and in attendance for a minimum two (2) days of the Convention and present at the Original Tune Competition that their composition has been entered into.


3.        Composition to have been composed within the last two (2) years.


4.        The composition must have not been previously entered in an AJC Original Tunes Convention.


5.        The composition must not have been played to public outside of the AJC or at any of the public performance venues of the Convention during Performance hours prior to its performance at the Original Tunes Competition. Or rehearsed in the Competition Venue before the start of the Competition.


6.        The composition must have never been recorded by any means prior to the Original Tunes Competition it is entered into for distributaries to other persons as a sample, demonstration, airplay or commercial recording. However a recording of one (1) instrument only playing the composition is permitted to be sent only to the musicians listed on the Official Acceptance Form for rehearsal purposes only. Distributing of this recording by any of these musicians will invoke automatic disqualification of its entry.


7.        Two (2) copies of the Original Composition are to be submitted on manuscript paper. One (1) MUST contain the Title of the Composition, itís Date of composition and the Composerís Signature. The other copy MUST only contain the Compositionís Title and NO other marks that can identify the Composer.


8.        Composition to consist of at least a Melody Line with accompanying Chords above the appropriate bar and, if applicable, accompanying lyrics placed beneath their corresponding melody note(s) on manuscript in the correct Concert Key that the composition is to be performed in at the Competition


9.        Entries to be submitted on or before the time shown in the Official Entry Wallet as indicated by the Original Tunes Competition Convenor (to allow time to photocopy entries, organise programming, etc). NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED.


10.     Composition must be performed for judging within the five (5) minute performance time set given for its entry in the competition, but not necessarily by the composer.


11.     Australian Jazz Convention Trustees retain publishing rights with the Composer still maintaining their Copyright, Publishing Rights and rights to APRA Royalties.


D.       JUDGING.


1.        Two (2) Judges MUST be experienced Jazz Musicians with others having a wide knowledge of Jazz in general and tunes in particular with all Judges not residing in the one (1) State or Territory of Australia


2.        Judges of the Competition must be ISOLATED FROM VIEW OF BAND & AUDIENCE to ensure anonymity and so that the personnel of the band remain unknown to the judges.


3.        Judges to decide as to whether they judge each Entry independently from the other Judges or as an aggregation.

4.   †† Judging Criteria: 1) Melody; up to 25 Points. 2) Sound Musical Structure; up to 15 Points. 3) Suitability for Improvisation; up to 10 Points. 4) Lyrics; up to 25 points. NB: If the Composition does not contain Lyrics the total aggregate points awarded account for its Total Score. If the Composition contains Lyrics the total aggregate points awarded must be multiplied by two (2) then divided by three (3) with the sum amount being used for the Compositionís Total Score.†


5.        Should a Composition be considered by a clear majority of the Judges as not an original composition, then that Composition will be automatically disqualified from the Original Tunes Competition.


6.        Judges have the authority to disqualify any Composition that, at their discretion, exceeds the Performance Time allotted.


7.        Judges are to have in their possession a copy of the Composition Manuscript, in the Performed Concert Key, which contains no identification of the Composer, during their judging of that Compositionís Performance.


8.        Judges to signal for the next Compositionís performance to begin once their deliberations of the previous Composition have concluded. The Convenor must instruct the Band Leader when to start their performance. Band Leaders starting their performance of the Entry being judged before being directed by the Convenor will attract automatic disqualification of their Entry.


9.        Composers to remain anonymous to the Judges before, during and until all judging deliberations of the Competition are complete.††


10.     During the Competition only the Name of the Composition being performed is to be announced. Composers and Band Members performing are to remain anonymous to the Judges until after the Competition.


11.     Heats to be organised if number of Entries warrants.†


12.     The judgesí decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


E.†††† PRIZES.

1.        Total amount, up to the ceiling of the Prize Money, allocated by the presiding Convention Committee, and the fiscal division between the† contestants deemed as prize winners is TOTALLY at the judgesí discretion.


††††††† F.†† GENERAL.


1.        Programming of Composition Entries performance order to be at the discretion of the Convenor.


2.        Programs Advertising the Compositionsí Name only and its Performance Order and Time must be placed in a prominent and conspicuous place NO LATER than 12 hours before Commencement of the Competition.


3.        Programs that contain the Composer of the Compositions that are entered can only be distributed once the Judges are ensconced in the Judging Area.


4.        A Video recording of the Australian Jazz Convention Original Tunes Competition is to be made for the use of evidence, if necessary, and is to be held by the Convenor until a permanent record can be made or no longer than three (3) months after the Competition being held, before being handed over to the AJC Trustees and/or the AJC Archives.


5.        The Signed Copy of all the Original Compositions Entered and Judging Forms are to handed over by the Convenor to the AJC Trustees and/or AJC Archives within three (3) months of the Competition being held.